The CIO Solution

For Chief Information Officers With Up To 500 Employees – Who Are Ultimately Responsible For Their Companies’ Information Security


Give Your Business A Vital Edge In Today’s Connected World

Security against a cyber-attack is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today – but most of them don’t really understand just how serious the danger is. Too often, companies adopt a scaled-up version of the strategy they use on their PC at home: Just spend money on the right software or hardware, and it will keep your data safe.

Well, it might – but the chances are that won’t be enough. Guaranteeing that your vital files are available when you need them, but kept out of the hands of hackers, takes a bit more than installing a preconfigured software firewall.

In this insightful book, you’ll discover:

  • How hackers think
  • How to raise awareness for executive management
  • Steps and processes attackers take to compromise some of the largest businesses in the world
  • What makes you vulnerable to attacks despite having state-of-the-art technology
  • Why collaborating with a trusted advisor is vital in keeping your systems secure



Andrew Constantine has been a network security specialist for years. He started out as a support technician and worked his way up to become one of the leading cyber security experts in Australia. Now, as a consultant, he assists businesses to keep their data safe and confidential.

Andrew combines an impressive depth of technical knowledge with an intuitive understanding of how hackers think, how they approach security systems and, of course, how to stop them. It’s this combination that’s made him so highly sought after by organisations that value their data.

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I am a respected IT professional with over 20 years in the technology industry.

My main core focus is working in the financial services space
with companies such as Suncorp, NAB, Westpac, Tyndall,
Asteron and Rubik Financial.

I have known Andrew for many years. He has provided
excellent service to our Banking Delivery team.

Andrew’s attention to detail, knowledge and passion for the
game is outstanding. He is extremely helpful and was one
of the main agents in ensuring our solutions were deployed

Kathy Thomas

Project Manager, Westpac

Did you know a recent study from Verizon showed that
70-90% of malware threats are unique to an organisation?

I have worked in the technology industry for over 10 years.
I started my career as a security consultant, specifically a
penetration tester, but as time went on, I developed a real
passion for broader security, data privacy, compliance and
risk management.

I have worked for top-tier consulting companies as well as
ASX 200 organisations such as, CBA, QBE, Accenture,
KPMG and many more. In the short time period I have known Andrew, he instantly
appeared to be a real asset to our community. He is passionate,
humble and loves to share his knowledge and expertise with
everyone no matter what level they are at.

I would love to see Andrew excel as an Entrepreneur and
achieve his overall vision and mission to educate over 10,000
technology executives.

Jay Hira

PCI and Data Privacy Project Manager, QBE

I have been in the IT industry for over 10
years, working with large financial ASX organisations across
APAC, such as Rubik Financial, Infinitive Technologies and
Pisces Group.

I love working with cutting-edge technologies and figuring
out how technologies can be used to solve our users’ everyday

I have known Andrew for years. Anyone who knows
Andrew can tell you that he is professional, knowledgeable,
approachable and extremely passionate about technology
and security.

He is never one to use marketing jargon or buzzwords;
rather he cuts to the chase and helps his clients understand
and address issues that matter. Many Thanks.

Thomas Gao

Architect and CTO, uno Home Loans

We have known Andrew and his team for a little over a year now
and we are impressed by his overall attitude to work and
knowledge of security concepts and systems.

Andrew is a real asset to the security space, and, in our
short time working together, has proved himself over and
over again. He has a real passion for raising awareness and
educating the people around him.

We particularly love his methodology and his simple approach
to identifying and securing business technology systems.
We were so impressed with Andrew’s strategy that we have
subsequently chosen to work with him and his team to enable
cyber security and analytics services within our clients. We
highly recommend Andrew to any senior technology leader
in the area of cyber security.

Rob Zatta

CIO, iCOMP Business Solutions

Based on his experience, Andrew believes that many companies aren’t protecting themselves against cyber-attack as well as they should be, because they’ve been misled by myths about what works.

These statements all sound sensible enough, and if you work in IT for any length of time, you’re sure to hear variations on them. Unfortunately, Andrew has seen them all go dangerously wrong. He’s learned the facts about cyber security – and now he’s laid them out in his ground-breaking new book, The CIO Solution.

Myths like these:

  • “Our IT team are capable of protecting us from outside cyber threats”
  • “Having state-of-the-art technology is all we need”
  • “We work in the cloud: the cloud is safe”
  • “We know enough about potential threats to out-think the attacker”
  • “It can’t happen to us; we have all the resources we need”