Complimentary Cyber Security
Strategy Session

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Don’t Let Sophisticated Cyber Attackers
Steal Your Business’s Vital Information!

Andrew Constantine is highly sought after as a private advisor to CIOs specialising in preventing cyber security threats. Years of practical experience across different sectors have given him an understanding of the issues companies face with keeping information accessible to those who need it but also safe from attackers. Andrew develops and implements systems that protect data from cyber threats and ensure successful and profitable business processes at the same time. Many security loopholes are overlooked because threats are ‘hidden,’ lurking in unsuspected places. CIOs also often hold outdated ideas or myths about cyber security, including what’s really going on with social media pages, cloud usage, and malware. If you’re a CIO responsible for your company’s information security, you can’t afford to have your business’s vital data corrupted. A consultation with Andrew will dispel the myths many CIOs have around cyber security and revolutionise your systems planning:

  • The truth about state-of-the-art technology – is it all it’s cracked up to be or is there something missing?
  • Is your sensitive data really safe in the cloud?
  • How capable is your IT team of protecting you from outside threats?
  • How many resources are enough to keep you safe?
  • The ins and outs of outthinking attackers and developing security plans

Staying current with cyber threats and changes in technology isn’t a walk in the park. Information adapts quickly, and CIOs are the ones picking up the pieces. A consultation with Andrew Constantine will show you how to incorporate effective digital security strategies into your growing business to ensure that your company remains intact from ever-growing and changing security threats.

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